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Myself, Shabbir Taiyabi, a Quality professional. This site is created with intention of sharing my personal information as well as some related topics on Quality.

I am fond of writing on today's Software Quality.
I believe that the person who is dedicated, he only achieves his goals. I believe in this proverb "Success is relative but satisfaction is absolute". The person who is satisfied is successful.

By now implemented various Quality standards and frameworks like Lean Six Sigma, ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ITIL, Agile (Scrum) for mid-to-large scale organization.

Established process improvement models and architecture for various client organizations looking for holistic approach and integration of existing operational processes

My Interests

Reading books, Writing, Swimming, Cricket, Energy Healing (Reiki)

Most Admired

Dr. Deming, Balaji Reddie and My Dad(Quresh Taiyabi)

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